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What We Do

We are skilled in taking down trees in small, awkward places using a variety of industry-leading techniques. We have worked in a number challenging scenarios and have even installed zip lines over rivers and outbuildings. 


We are able to provide full site-specific risk and wildlife impact assessments, as well as implement recommended health and safety work.  


We can also act as agents when applying for planning permission to work on protected trees i.e. those within a Conservation Area or subject to a Tree Preservation Order. We can provide BS5837 surveys and Tree Protection Plans. 

Services we provide...


Hedge Trimming

& Removal.

Advice & Fitting of Bracing & Guiding Systems.

Long Term Arboricultural


Stump Grinding.

Seat Carving.

Felling. Pollarding

Pruning. Shaping

Crown Reduction

Lifting & Thinning

Removing Dead or

 Damaged Trees.

Advice & Planting of Trees & Hedges.

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